Job Spell to Get a Promotion, powerful job promotion spell

Job Spell to Get a Promotion
Job Spell to Get a Promotion
Job Spell to Get a Promotion
Job Spell to Get a Promotion

By helping you get that promotion or that raise, this job spell will allow you to get what you deserve for the work you do. In addition, you can remove problems from the work place, like a gossipy co-worker. Sometimes you might even want to make other co-workers get along so that your job is easier. You can do all of this and more with a promotion and career spell. In fact, you might want to do this spell regularly so that you can ensure your time at the office is enjoyable and even exciting.

For the Job Spell to Get a Promotion You will need:

  • A yellow taper candle
  • A pin
  • Gold and green glitter
  • Bay leaves
  • Honey
  • Lighter

How to Cast the Job Spell to Get a Promotion

Dip the pin in honey. Using the pin write your name and birthday on the side of the yellow taper candle. Make sure the name is written with the first name written vertically in letters from top to bottom.

Sprinkle glitter on a plate. Roll the candle in the glitter and shake off excess. Note that you do not want too much glitter or the candle could catch fire. Do not let this candle burn unattended.

Surround the candle with a circle of bay leaves. Light the candle with the lighter –


By the forces of purity and light

Lift me up with the power of right

Promote me, create me and so I make more money

This I make true with fire and honey!

Sit in front of the candle and visualize yourself receiving the news of being promoted and in your new position. Do not blow out this candle. Let it burn down.

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